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Subject: Anmol-festival for children with special needs during 20th MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2013


Dear Madam/Sir,


We are happy to inform you that this year’s 20th Perfect health Mela would start with Dil KA Darbar on 29th September 2013 and would culminate on 31st October with Akhand CPR 10 Utsav in which more than 25000 people would be trained on How to save a life from sudden cardiac death using dummy manikins. 


Various public awareness activities would be held at multiple places during the period 29th Sept to 22nd October 2013 and at constitution club of India Rafi Marg New Delhi from2 23rd-27th October 2013.


The Heritage Festival (inter dancing school competitions) are being held on 23rd-24th and 25th  October 2013.


The competition details are as under:

S. No.

Name of Competition


Type of disability


Folk Dance (Group)


Min. no of participants 5

Maxim No of participants 15            

(No age bar)

1.  Mentally S. Normal

2.  Hearing Impaired


Yoga (Group)


Min. no of participants 5

Maxim No of participants 15

(No age bar)

1.  Mixed



Junior <10 yrs.

1.  Mentally S. Normal

2.  Hearing Impaired



Senior > 10 yrs.

1.  Mentally S. Normal

2.  Hearing Impaired


Singing Solo

(No age bar)

1.  Mentally S. Normal



Diya Decoration

(No age bar)

1.  Mentally S. Normal

2.  Hearing Impaired

. The theme for competitions is:


Your institution has been actively taking part in this competitions for many years. This year also we would like your school to take part. Entry forms and guidelines for taking part in these events are attached. Confirmation by mail/post may kindly be sent latest by 10th August 2013 .Each participating school will be given an unique ID number. This year there will be no on the spot registrations. Registrations will be strictly on first cum first served basis and no sooner desired number of participations is achieved, registrations will be closed.


All the participants will be given refreshments, participation certificate and competition winners the prizes.


Besides, teacher orientation programs will be held on different topics during this period (23-27th Oct.) as per following program:

1.       23rd October: Workshops on communication skills(8am-12noon)

2.       24th October: Workshops on conflict management, Organizational Behaviors and Skill Development (8am-12noon)

3.       25th October : Workshops on Time Management and Team Building

4.       23-27th October: Creative workshops ( 64 arts of women)


You are requested to depute 2 teachers on each day and also direct your teachers accompanying school children for competitions to take part in these workshops


a.      Akhand CPR 10 Utsav on 31st October 2013  Perfect Health is being culminated on 31st October by organizing ma mega CPR 10 Utsav in which more than 25000 people from all walks of life will be trained on how to save a life from sudden death. More than 60000 people have been trained by us since Nov1st 2012. We would like your school to join this campaign and send your children and staff to get trained. The utasv will be held at DPS Mathura Road New Delhi 8 am onwards. Each participating schools will be given a time slot during which time students will be trained.

For better coordination and follow-up, kindly nominate a teacher from your School with whom we can coordinate. Adib (9873716235), Yogesh Pant (9350072209), A will be coordinating from our side.


With Regards


Your sincerely,


Dr K K Aggarwal                                                                 

Padma Shri & Dr B C Roy National Awardee                                     

President _ PHM 2013                                              


Krishan Kumar Aggarwal (Facebook)


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